Opening Hours: Monday-Saturday: 07:00 am-09:00 pm, Sunday: 08:00 am-9:00 pm *Except Katholiki Store: Sunday 09:00 am-05:00 pm and Kato Paphos Store: Daily 07:00 am-10:00 pm and Sunday 08:00 am-10:00 pm

Our vision

Our vision is to become the leading Supermarket Chain in Cyprus.

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Our vision is to become the leading Supermarket Chain in Cyprus.

About Us

Papantoniou Supermarkets is the leading supermarket chain in the District of Paphos, by operating 5 hypermarkets. It also has a noteworthy presence in the District of Limassol, by operating one more hypermarket and two medium size supermarket. 

The first Papantoniou Supermarket opened in Chloraka, District of Paphos, in 1987, with only 150 m2 of selling space.   After several additions and renovations the Chloraca supermarket now has 2.000 m2 of selling area.  

In 1997 the Company opened its second and biggest store in Paphos with 4.500 m2 selling area.  In the years that followed, it opened two more supermarkets in the District of Paphos, in Kato Paphos in 2006 (3200 m2) and in Polis Chrysochous in 2007 (2000 m2). In 2009 it opened the first supermarket in the District of Limassol, in Pissouri village with 900 m2 selling area.  In March 2012 it opened the second store in the District of Limassol, in Ypsonas with 4000 m2 selling area and in 2015 the third store in Limassol, in Katholiki area (Limassol City centre) with 1800 m2 selling area.  In December 2016 the 8th store is opened in Paphos area, in Geroskipou with 1400 m2 selling area.

The eight hypermarkets/supermarkets cover a total selling area of 19,800 m2 and stock more than 80,000 different active product codes.  The Company employs more than 700 people and has a turnover of over 100 million.

All of the supermarkets are privately owned except the supermarket in Pissouri, Katholiki and Geroskipou, which is leased. 

Papantoniou Supermarkets was the first Supermarket Chain in Cyprus that obtained simultaneously the ISO 9001 and ISO 22000 certificates.  This reiterates the respect to the thousands of the loyal customers and indicates that the Company complies with all Cypriot and European laws and regulations and standards concerning food quality and hygiene. 


C.A.C Papantoniou Ltd, which operates under the trade name Papantoniou Supermarkets, was established in 1987. In 2008, all the commercial operations were transferred to the 100% subsidiary C.A.C Papantoniou Trading Ltd.


The ultimate owners are the brothers Charalambos, Antonis and Costas Papantoniou.
The company C.A.C Papantoniou Limited owns all the commercial land and buildings and C.A.C Papantoniou Trading Limited (100% subsidiary of C.A.C Papantoniou Limited) has the commercial operations of Papantoniou Supermarkets.  


To be the leading Supermarket Chain in Cyprus.


To serve the customers with honesty and respect and to offer to them the biggest variety and the best quality products, at the lowest possible prices.


At Papantoniou Supermarkets the customers can find more than 80,000 different products, including food, beverages, household items, personal care, toys, small electrical appliances, furniture, fresh fruit and vegetables, fresh meat, fish and many more.


Our suppliers are local and international companies with very good reputation and professionalism in all aspects. Papantoniou Supermarkets buy mostly locally but also imports directly a large variety of products mainly from Europe and China.


The Company has a strong management team which consists of the three Owners/Executive Directors and a number of business professionals with strong educational background and experience in accounting and finance, marketing, IT, HR and business management.  The daily personal involvement of the three Papantoniou brothers helps to motivate the employees to strive for the best and to help the company to enjoy positive financial results in order to fulfil its goals for a steady and successful strategic expansion. 


  • To offer the best possible quality service to our customers
  • To provide a large variety of high quality products at the most competitive and lowest possible prices
  • To satisfy fully all the consumer needs of our customers
  • Continuously increase of customer base and turnover.