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Healthy Eating:

We promote healthy eating.

We continuously improve the quality of fresh produce, in combination with the enrichment of our specialized food categories, while at the same time we train our personnel and educate our customers to eat healthier.


We care about our planet.

We consistently follow recycling procedures, we continuously try to reduce our emissions by saving energy, and we run campaigns against the use of plastic bags. Furthermore, we are reducing our water use and food waste.


One of our main core activities, is the active support of the local community and several other social groups.

This is achieved through specific campaigns, charity activities, volunteering and delivering a helping hand to those that need it.

Our People:

We believe that people make the real difference.

We rely on our people to deliver excellent customer service and we do the utmost to keep them happy, well trained, motivated and involved.

1, Ellados Avenue
8020 Paphos, Cyprus

+357 26 936 600

[email protected]