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Papantoniou Supermarkets, being fully aware and responsible regarding the current situation, has proceeded in taking the following precautionary measures in order to ensure the health of our employees and customers.

Antiseptic for customer use has been placed at each store’s entrance and exit, in the toilets, at the warehouse entrance, in the cafeteria and at points of sale for bakery products. The use of antiseptic upon entry to the store is compulsory for everyone, including customers, employees and associates.

All bakery products are pre-packaged.

We carry out regular cleaning and disinfection of check-out areas, trolleys and baskets, external surfaces of displays, tables and chairs in the cafeteria, and reception areas.

There is a person responsible for checking the number of people present in the store at any given time in order to ensure that the number of people does not exceed one person per eight square metres of retail space.

Our employees and suppliers are taking all the necessary measures to ensure their personal hygiene(handwashing, regular use of antiseptic, etc.).

Our employees and our suppliers are obliged to wear gloves.

Complimentary gloves are available for customers at the entrance.

We are proceeding in taking the temperature of employees and associates upon their entry to the store.

There is continuous communication between our company’s relevant department and suppliers in order to ensure uninterrupted restocking and adequate supply of products.

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